Not all heroes wear capes…

Everyone’s idea of a hero is different, for some its the cape wearing superheroes, for others it’s a special person in their life.

For me, my hero has always been my Dad, he’s always been my biggest insperation growing up and as a Dad he did what every Dad should do and put his kids first.

So on the lead up to Father’s Day I thought I’d share a few stories about my Dad, my hero.



I’ll start by mentioning that I’m the eldest of 6 siblings, 5 boys and then finally on the 6th attempt he got a baby girl, god help her boyfriends when she’s older, the scene in Bad Boys 2 comes to mind. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Some of my earliest memories of my Dad are, me and him out in the back garden playing football, kicking a ball back and forth for hours. Dancing and singing to everything from Agadoo, The music man, Sam Cooke, Little Richard to Elvis. I think his personal favourite was getting his guitar out and singing Teddy bear by Elvis. “Oh won’t you let me be your Teddy bear, Uh huh”. Or our caravan holidays, my fav caravan holiday was to a site literally 2 miles from our house. Looking back now it shows me you don’t need big and lavish holidays to have fun, as long as you’re all together that’s all that matters.

We even have a special handshake that he does with us all. We probably, actually definitely, look silly doing it but we don’t care. It’s always the smallest but personal things that stick with us the most.

Within my family my Dad is known to be a bit of a joker, and will speak to anyone he meets. This is a great quality to have and one that I wish had been passed onto me. I’m the opposite, quite shy and not very out there, but who needs to be when you have a Dad like mine. One occasion that springs to mind, it actually happened a lot but i’ll just mention one memory of mine. I must have been about 18; single, just had my braces removed, hair highlighted to the max and ready to show the world what I had to offer. 🤣 We were on holiday in Florida and my Dad decided it would be great idea to stop every girl that passed and point out to them that I was single. He thought it was hilarious, I did not share his view. I do now now though, that’s what parents are for, to embarrass the hell out of their children.



He’s not all fun and games though, he has a much softer side. He’s the most kind and loving man I know and he has always instilled into us that family is the most important thing. He still often reminds us all that “friends will come and go but you’re siblings are there for life”. This is something that we’ve all taken on board and to this day we are best friends.


More recently he’s become a Granda, or ‘nanda as Alba calls him, he absolutely adores all his grandchildren and is fantastic with them.



It’s such a joy to see my kids getting to spend such quality time with their ‘nanda.

Just the other day he came over to help out as I’m so poorly and Ruth was out for the night. I was upstairs in bed and I heard an almighty screech. I got up as quickly as I could and went down to see what had happened.  He had been giving Arran his bottle and Arran was projectile sick all over him and his precious Scotland top. So he put Arran in his activity unit to sort himself out. He got cleaned up and went back to finish the bottle but realised Arran had pooped all up his back and all over his clothes. 🤣🤣 Again another shriek bellowed out. So he stripped him, wiped him down, poopy clothes and baby wipes thrown everywhere… and just then my revenge for all the embarrassment he caused throughout the years were repaid as Arran did the triple whammy and peed all over ‘nanda, himself and the sofa. Good job Arran, that’s my boy!!

Dad you are and always will be my hero… Happy Father’s Day. This means I don’t need to get you a present, right? 😉



And to all the other Dads out there, thanks for reading and keep being awesome Dads. Happy Father’s Day to you all when it comes around.

But for now…

This real life dad is out… xx

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  1. kathleen Fearns

    June 16, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    And I always thought you were a mummy’s boy lol x

  2. Gorgeousgsmama

    June 17, 2017 at 8:16 am

    Oh my gosh! Your Dad and your family sounds just amazing 😍 Your Dad really seems so devoted and nothing is too much trouble.

    Wishing him and you a very Happy Father’s Day ☺️

    1. thisreallifedad

      June 17, 2017 at 7:29 am

      Thanks. He is one of a kind, I’m glad that came across. I’m sure he’ll read this soon and see your comment too.

  3. Anthony - Dada & Monkey

    June 20, 2017 at 10:54 am

    What a great role model, superb post too, loved seeing your Dad age with all the photographs you included!

    1. thisreallifedad

      June 20, 2017 at 11:04 am

      He really is a great role model, if I’m half as devoted and loving to my family I’ll be doing a good job.

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