All About Me

All About me…

I’m a real life Dad to two beautiful children and a husband to my amazing wife Ruth. I’ve been with Ruth for 9 years and we’ve been happily married for 5 years. We had our first baby, a beautiful girl, Alba in September of 2014. Then our second, a boy, Arran in January of this year. My family are my whole world and i’d do anything for them.

Until recently it had never once crossed my mind to start a Blog or write about my life. Then all that changed in May 2017 when I suddenly became quite ill. I not only had a lot of time on my hands but also a lot on my mind and so I started writing down my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

I have decided to share these amazing moments of my life. Everything from the mundane day to day Dad life stories. The exciting family unforgettable events! Plus a few updates on my illness thrown into the mix too. Hopefully you can experience my roller coaster of highs and lows during this time and in the future hopefully more highs than lows.

Hope you enjoy reading.